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Win $50 Every Week from MallStand!

Scope's MallStand Memos XML Feed Link
Scope's Memo
Win $50 Every Week from MallStand!

Wednesday, 12th December 2012 - 04:33:28 PM

Well folks to kick off our MallStand Grand Opening we are giving away $50 every week for the next 5 weeks to one lucky MallStand user! 

There are two ways to enter the contest

1.Sign-up for MallStand (CLICK HERE)
Everyone who has an account on MallStand is automatically entered into the first week's contest... after the first contest, if you are already signed up then you can re-enter using option number 2.

2. Get someone else to sign up!
On your homepage there is a link with a special code built into it.

Copy and paste that link and send it to friends. Anyone that clicks on that link and signs up gets you an extra entry into the contest. The more people you get to sign-up from that link the more entries you get!

New winners will be randomly chosen every Friday starting Dec. 14th, 2012! We are going to run this contest for the next 5 weeks.

So get out there and spread the word!

Official Rules....

You must sign-up for a free account on to be entered into the sweepstakes.

If you are already signed up you can still enter by having someone else sign-up with your referral access code or link found on your homepage.

For every person that you get to sign up with your referral code, you will be given an additional entry into the sweepstakes.

The only people eligible to win are those who sign-up or get someone to sign-up using their referral code or link during the current contest period of Saturday to Friday. Every week starts a new sweepstakes for the five weeks following December 14th, 2012.

The drawing is a random drawing of those who have signed up or have had someone sign-up with their access code. 

Winners will be notified via MallStand message and/or email.

Winners will be awarded $50 distributed through Pay Pal. If the user does not have a Pay Pal account we will send them a check through the mail.

Still have questions? Leave a comment or send me @Scope a message on MallStand.

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  • Shannon #Hoboken Beer & Booze for $5! Now that's a reason to get to Hoboken's Happiest Happy Hour! Beer & Booze for $5!
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